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Consistent Settings

Right now, when we configure our settings in a game (as GM or otherwise) they're reset to default as soon as we leave, which means if, for example, I turn down the jukebox and turn off my webcam (I don't have one so why use the extra CPU resources), then I leave the game and come back for the next session, I have to turn down the jukebox and turn off my webcam again. It would be nice if these settings could be persistent at least within each game, if not directly to the account. Come to think of it, persistent to each game might be better, just because if I'm playing with people I know IRL I don't mind having a webcam on (if I had one), but if I'm playing with complete strangers on the internet, I'd rather leave the webcam off. EDIT: I'm not sure if this is a bug or planned or not implemented or whatever. If it's a bug, feel free to move it to the bugs section.
This would be very useful. Having to change settings every time I fire it up gets old.
Ken Bauer
Roll20 Mod Team
This is in the works. Stay tuned :)