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Love this site! Just one suggestion

Firstly, this site ROCKS. I've just started playing with this and am loving it. This was the missing link for a game a year in the planning but with no players who could physically make it. Just one suggestion - the addition of an ABC/123 X/Y Axis could be very helpful in discussing position and movement - say Player A makes a mistake on their move... the GM or fellow players could help them understand the move by saying "You should be at B11". It works also with "10 feet to the left and down 1 square" but I dig on the axis thing. Not sure if there is value in it for others.
You can always 'ping' the map to make it clear the location you mean. Left click and hold will cause a flashy circle indicator on everyones map in the location that you indicate. If you hold shift while doing this it will scroll everyone to that location as well.
Like a grid, there could always be a small checkbox that says "Axis titles" or whatnot that when checked would make the X axis boxes have an A,B,C and the Y have a 1,2,3. It wouldn't be too useful in my games, and you can always make it using a text box. However, it's still be worth having on the site for anyone who plays tabletops that need that.
Also the ping will not work accurately if you are not all on the same scale. I was running a game and had my map scaled to 60% so that I can view my entire map, some of the players had it at 100%. When I pinged an area, it did not show in the same place for them, once I had everyone on the same scale, then the pings match on their and my computer.
The ping misalignment with alternate zoom levels needs to be fixed, especially since as a GM I ping the most, and I'm usually zoomed out further so I have to keep switching zoom levels.