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Shadowrun 4E General

KS Backer
How many of you have played Shadowrun before, or are interested in it? What is your opinion on the setting and system? Tell us about your awesome adventures in the year 2073. My favorite archetype to play as personally, would be Physical Adepts; especially Unarmed Combat focused with some of the Arsenal Martial Arts qualities. Nothing beats being able to sever someone's spine with a well aimed kick. What's your favorite style of play? If people are interested I may post a story about a Troll Enforcer, Elf Mage, Dwarf "Private eye" and Human Infiltrator who had to break in to the Horizon-owned San Diego Zoo to steal a panda before it was sent elsewhere. I don't believe the Shadowrun scene here on Roll20 is all that big, although I would like to be proven otherwise! I'm in a game that's being hosted on Roll20, but unfortunately has yet to take off. If anyone has played Shadowrun on Roll20 tell me how it was, maybe even share a couple stories if you want. TLDR; Discuss Shadowrun 4E!
I recently started playing an Elf-Poser Rigger-Smuggler. The GM started us off with a simple fight from the 2012 Free RPG Day test drive. She is based on the one in the core book. She shot an Orc, an Elf, and a Troll with her heavy pistol, but the other characters finished them off each time before she could shoot them a second time =3
I adore the game. Run it a few times (actually getting a one-shot ready for my friends to ease our transition back from DnD4 at the moment) and have loved the setting since the first edition. But MAN it takes me a while to get back into the rules. There's some complex things going on there. Favorite moments: (1) Having to explain to our gunslinger adept player that not only did the technology for airport personnel to spot metal firearms concealed in his socks exist in 2073, it actually was pretty commonplace today. At which point the rigger asked how much a collection of windsocks would be so that he could smuggle his doberman drones onto the commercial jet too. (2) The group breaks into the new, ultra-secure Ares safe a couple of hours before its media launch event and hide a card in it saying "I'm sorry, your princess is in another tower" (3) Watching them breeze though the high-security facility I'd concocted only to decide to lock them in a room with two gorilla biodrones. Complete with chameleonskin upgrades. "I don't believe the Shadowrun scene here on Roll20 is all that big, although I would like to be proven otherwise! I" - I suspect you might be surprised. At least, I imagine you will. My wife and I are actually creating some tokens for SR that we're hoping to get on the marketplace (we have around a dozen right now, I'm hoping to get about 50 ready before I put them up). In fact, have a free male troll as a taster.