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Additional Flyout "Bar Circles" for Tokens

Description: Allowing tokens to add more than the standard 3 Red/Green/Blue bar "circles" so that additional point pools or stats could be made visible. Perhaps make a maximum but allow these additionals to be placed in a circular/color-coded continuation around the token. Ex: Red/Green/Blue/Purple/Yellow/Orange/Brown/etc Usecase: For settings that require multiple bars/pools, this would allow for more customization on what a token displays. (Ex: D&D 4th Ed with Reflex, Will, Fort, Temp Hitpoints and Damage reduction)
Tommy R.
KS Backer
I have needed up to 5 a few times.
Something similar, I'd like to be able to assign a colored border to a token (distinct from the auras, which themselves are a great tool). I mean coloring the outer 2 or 3 pixels. I often use the same token image 3 times, and in a similar program that I use, I can 'border' them red, green, blue so we can refer to them clearly and specifically.
They would also make a great form of condition identification. if slowed, border the image with one color, if deafen, shaken, frightened, etc. Just a way to show an effect that is active. If time is available, maybe these borders can be tied to the turn indicator so if someone has an affect that last 3 rounds, then it can turn of the border after it has been in place for three turns, maybe tied to the tracker? just some ideas based on the idea of the colored borders.
I definitely find myself routinely needing more than the 3 numerical bars to display relevant stats in games with a more mechanical focus like D&D. It'd be nice if when you clicked a token it could have some more popups as described that just contain numbers for defenses, fate points remaining, or whatever you want to put in there.
This popup would blend well with the portrait feature. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>