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[Suggestion] Add a Message of the Day Feature

Something that I would like to see added is the option to display a Message of the Day when users/players join your game. Just a quick pop up window or something that can be edited by the GM/DM for all to see. This has many different applications, from posting House Rules, to letting players/users know what to expect from the current session. Just a thought, I'd love to hear what the community thinks.
Seems a little over the top to have a special feature for something that can be done within the chat window or through handouts.
To be honest, it would be simpler to post this kind of information in the chat window, however, the chat window is quite small, and once you start posting a large volume of information, it's too easy to disrupt what ever is currently going on in chat. It can be done through handouts as well, you are right. The thought process behind doing something with a MotD, is to make life easier on the GM and not have to repetitively hand something out to every single user. Think of going up with some other folk on here for a session. These are people who you have never played with, you don't know what to expect, so on and so on. In my opinion, it would be nice to come into something new, seeing a pop up with information on what to expect, a quick greeting by the GM and maybe an intro into the story. Everyone who joins will see this, get the same details and save the GM time by not having to stop what he/she is doing to give the incoming persons the same blanket information that everyone else got.
I have the first screen in each of my campaigns set up to just be a blank page so I can type anything I want on it. Right now it's just a "BRB, 5 minutes" message but I change it if I need it.
Good idea, you can indeed type anything you want, or you could load an illustration instead of a map. Would it work for what you have in mind, Zahj?
It'll do :) It's not ideal, as I'll have to stay on the first screen or will have to keep going back to it, but yeah.