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Cards - Searching for Cards in a Deck

First, I'd like to say I'm relatively new to Roll20. I stumbled onto it a few days ago, and what a find it was! I've been tinkering with several different virtual tabletops in hopes to find one that was free, easy, and flexible enough to cater to my non-d20 style game project I've been designing from the ground up. One of the features I need for this project is a way to incorporate cards and decks, and boy was I happy to find that feature on here! I did find one part of the card system that could keep me from playing with my current ruleset. For my game, at certain times I need to allow a player or GM search a deck for a particular card and draw it. I know it's not a common rule in many games, but it is crucial to mine. If possible, I would love to see it implemented. :3
I should note that this feature should be a GM controlled action, either prompted or announced so people can't just cheat with it.