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Persistent Measuring Tool

Circle Xavier
KS Backer
In order for the measuring tool to be truly useful, I feel there are two critical changes that need to be made to it: 1. The unit of measurement needs to be adjustable in some way. Most useful would be a simple counting of the number of hexes/squares. While it would be nice to be able to set a specific distance per square/hex, many systems count the squares themselves (and it is easy to multiply a number of grid spaces by a set distance). 2. The measuring tool needs to have an option to be persistent and visible to all parties. If a measurement can be made, seen by all players and the GM, and the measurement stays visible until the acting player finishes their move, it would go a long way to improving the usefulness of Roll20. It would also open the door for a number of tabletop strategy games.
Roll20 Mod Team
I know that the developers are working on making the measurement tool more generic and multipurpose, including custom scales. I do agree that it can be improved to better support tabletop strategy games. The roadmap currently calls for 'Refine measurement tool', so we'll see what the devs have in mind for that, but they have stated that it'd be nice to see strategy games supported, and measurements are a pretty integral part of those.
Circle Xavier
KS Backer
I did see that in the roadmap. I wanted to make sure that we commented on the most important points to be improved. There are a number of aspects: increments, persistence, transparency, color variation, tracking of path taken, and attachment to tokens for movement; that will be brought up. I wanted to keep focus on the most efficient and universally applicable aspects: persistence and neutrality of measurement.
Richard Z.
Roll20 Team
Thanks for the feedback! Like Zackary said "the developers are working on it".