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Brian M.
KS Backer
Would you guys consider giving Kickstarter backers access to the podcast? This 'seems' like something Hero backers should be in on.
Nolan T. J.
Roll20 Team
At this point we're focusing on creating additional value for those who are paying active monthly subscriptions, which is who this podcast is targeted toward. That said, early backers are by no means forgotten, as we're trying to demonstrate with items like no ads for Kickstarter backers.
KS Backer
Have to say this disappoints me. I suppose I was operating under the notion of, support us on faith and get "insider" access to the development process of Roll20. I thought essentially that was what I was buying. Now I've gotten the idea that if I want that sort of access I need to give MORE money. Perhaps it's my fault for false assumptions. I'm not opposed to pushing some more money into Roll20. It's the best implementation of VTT that I've come across and I'm happy to pay for good works. In my particular case, I'm waiting to see what's going to happen regarding character sheets. They are a vital feature of the roleplaying games that I play and, at least every time I've taken the time to check, the feature request with the largest support on these backer forums. Another understanding that I'd had is that Roll20 was going to be developed along the lines of what we, the backers, would champion. I've seen and heard very little regarding character sheets from the devs. I suspect it's not a feature they feel is very important. Will it be addressed? I don't know. I'm wondering now whether I'll have to commit more money BEFORE finding out. Wonderful program, great vision, I do like the features that have been added. This disappoints me.
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
Amontillado, We're sorry to disappoint you. We do very much appreciate our Kickstarter backers, and as for the "insider" access, we feel that we've been incredibly open about nearly every aspect of the development process. We've been active on the forums as much as possible, we tweet, we write blog posts, send newsletters, etc. I easily spend 2 or 3 hours a day communicating with the community in ways that you have access to, having made over 1,000 comments on the forums in response to everything from feature requests to bug reports and help requests in the last 6 months alone. And that's not counting the other members of the Dev Team or our small army of volunteers on the Mod Team. The podcast is in *addition* to all of that, and is not replacing any of it. So I think it's unfair to say that you're not able to communicate with us or receive insider access to the development process. As for character sheets, it's definitely on our list of things we're working on. It's a lot more complicated than people seem to think, though. It's not a simple matter of "add a few buttons". This would be a massive change to the way that Roll20 works at a fundamental level. And it opens up a whole host of other feature requests as well (e.g. integrating character sheets with macros). So we're trying to tread carefully. If you have further want to discuss the character sheets, please create a new thread so that we can keep the discussion in this one germane to the podcast. Let me just finally say that we don't take any of the decisions we make lightly. We are incredibly proud of this community and we deeply appreciate all of the support that we've been given, especially from the Kickstarter backers like you that were there from the beginning. I'm sorry if this or any future decision we make doesn't sit well with you, but just know that we're trying our best to balance the wants of the entire community and what is needed to keep Roll20 going for the long term.
Mr G
KS Backer
Hi Amontillado I can assure there was no secret information in the podcast that you're missing out on. It's all here in the forums, the tweets, and the newsletters one way or another. The only difference is you get the guys narrating it rather than having to read it for yourself.