I am looking for any resources anyone might have to record secret information. Requirements: Timestamp Hidden until revealed to an opponent. Cannot be altered once input. Must be able to handle a lot of secret information. Right now the best idea I can come up with is creating a special game only Yahoo Messenger account, messaging yourself, then sending the account Password to the opponent when the game is done so they can verify the recorded data. Note: the latest version of Yahoo IM stores it's message history on a server rather than your computer which is why I thought of that as a method. Another idea I had was using a IRC bot to record the data but I do not know how to code a bot. I will eventually look into it and figure it out (it is better than the Yahoo IM idea). Normally, this is handled by a 3rd person (arbiter of some kind) but I would like to cut out the middleman. This is for Star Fleet Battles but could be used for any game that requires secret information that is normally written down while at a game table. Thanks in advance - Gauss