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Skype Question

I tried using the in-system chat service in my game yesterday. It worked at the beginning but I lost the ability to communicate with it early in the game. I was thinking of using skype next go around, but I was wondering how many people can use it at one time if I am using the free version of skype. I don't have a google + account and don't plan on using it anytime soon.
IIRC, you can have up to 25 total without video (i.e., text & voice only).
My group uses Skype all the time for Roll20 games. At the most we have had 6 people on at once with no degradation or anything. I would highly recommend it for audio chat if roll20's audio isn't cutting it for you.
I am used to Teamspeak so I thought about using it instead of IIRC, Ventrilo, and skype.
Sidthesquish: Do you use a paid for version or a free version of skype. I saw somewhere that it only allows 2 + host for chatting.
Roll20 Mod Team
My group uses the free version of skype for voice. Skype (voice) certainly allows more than 2+host without paying. - Gauss
That's for a Skype-to-Skype video call on the free version. If you're just using a Skype-to-Skype call for Chat + Voice only, then you have up to 25 people on the call. I have been using Skype to RPG with my life long buddies for over six years now, and I've never encountered a serious problem. Although, we've only used the Voice + Chat functions of Skype and never used the Video function. The group that I run a Roll20 game with uses Skype for the voice portion of our game, and Roll20 for the rest.
Cool thanks for the information. I was having trouble figuring out how people here were doing groups when everything I found on the web about skype kept pointing me at 2+1 for the amount of people able to chat.
i think the 2 + host thing counts for videochatting with free version