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help to create a mash up of VtM and VtR

hey, so Ive been reading through the books and all and to be honest I do like a lot of the VtM setting, the 13 clans etc, but I also like a lot of the VtR setting as well. Im not so well versed in either system (not having played either) but I would like to create this version of both that I have in my head. So I was wondering if anyone who knows both systems or if you know one well, would like to help me in creating a reasonable compilation that would be able to be used for a campaign.
I am pretty experienced with the oWod system. The core difference between the two is not the rules. nWoD rules are alot more balanced, but there are sacrifices made along the way. The reduction of the core "meta" plot from old to new is felt across all the rebooted nwod games. I think you best bet is to retrofit the nWoD rule set, but with the "flavor" of oWoD with Caine and the Antedeluvians, which i feel is flawed by a meta plot that is too much, but superior to the new fractured five clan, five factions approach, which fails to entice me. The dynamics of the nWod clans and factions are cliched. Also, the details of what you are seeing in your head would help, that gives use a direction to go
Josh F.
KS Backer
I'm the first to admit that there were balance problems with the oWoD system but I still prefer the core mechanics to nWoD, the old system meant there were more incomparables.
I'd love to see a mashup as well, Jessica! I know there is a pdf at Drive Thru RPG that's a "translation guide" between the two systems. I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for, but I personally love the oWoD story line and prefer the nWoD system. Someone should run this for us :D
yeah I have the translation guide, but I dont know the systems well enough to properly do my version up. Im working on putting it into writing, its a combination of both cWoD and nWoD settings using houseruled nWoD systems
What is you goal, to use oWoD 'Story' with nWoD rules, or are you trying to "combine" the storylines?
I am running old school werewolf the apoc on tuesdays
combined storylines for vtm and vtr, more heavily vtm with more vtr rules
yeah i messaged in the wta post you made
So is Caine still the father of all vampires? I see Generation as a fundamental decision, as in NWOD, you can improve your "blood strength" with experience. This means that there is the possibility of vampires becoming 5th, 4th, and 3rd generation. It should take a looooong time , BUT if its possible, that makes it a possible hook. Imagine a gehenna prophecy that speaks of a slumbering 3rd generation, and they will rise to fight a NEW generation of 3rd generations that are active. Maybe the Camarilla could be the servants of the "old" 3rd generation, and the Sabbat the hand of the "New" 3rd generation
yeah, there are generations, but they are relative, so you get turned by a young vamp youre not that strong, but u get turned by an older one youre stronger, as you survive longer your strength increases. the caine story is one possible beginning and antidulvian is simply just a very very old vamp, they can remember their lives, even if they make some of it up i mean that many years you're bound to forget a few things. it is possible for new vamps to become antidulvian but well that would take ages. there are the 13 clans not the simple 5. im still working on the camarilla an all
so, what clans specifically? and what, if any factions from the nWoD version would you include?
i would include, all of the player factions except unaligned, with their membership split between the anarchists and the camarilla, there would be carthinian, circle of the crone, ordo dracul as members of the sabbat as well. maybe even a twisted version of lancia sanctum. belials brood would be members of the sabbat, the worst members, 7 would be an additional faction. as for the clans i would include all those from cWoD