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Werewolf: The Apocaypse Assets

Hello everyone. I'm new and I apologize in advance if these things aren't allowed (I checked the forum rules and it wasn't indicated). I'd like to make a Werewolf: The Apocalypse chronicle, but, the token's I need do not seem to exist. Where do I go to ask if people who love doing these things could help out? I'd love simple tokens for the Chrinos and Lupus form with the appropriate color variation for the 13 tribe coats (26 tokens). Is that possible? Thank you.
I am using roll20 currently for WTA and this would be awesome!!!....I would love to play too!!
I'm actually running a LARP, and planning on using roll20 to handle some RP scene moves, strikes, raids between game sessions and such. So, unfortunately, I have no openings :)
Sarah A.
Roll20 Mod Team
Tokentool is a useful program for making tokens. All you need is a .jpg, .png., or .gif image. I use it all the time for characters and monsters. Very easy to use. Maybe that would help you? Or are you thinking more like the top down illustrations that are in the marketplace? In which case, that's trickier and would require someone with a bit more artistic skill than I have. :) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>