Hello, I see that this issue was  vigorously discussed in a previous closed thread , but I would like to throw my suggestion in that I would also like this feature. I think one of the things that may have been missing in the previous discussion around this feature, is the context that it is needed in: My Wife and I play with a pair of remote friends. We sit at a table with a web cam and they do the same. I realize that most people may be sitting at a computer, where GM control of their Zoom may be annoying. In my scenario the players are sitting at a table where the bulk of the time Roll20 is almost used in a presentation manner (displaying pictures, maps etc). Some of these maps are so large that drawing attention to a specific spot (and being able to read it) may require zooming in. If I (the GM) am attempting to convey information to players, I will know what that information is and zoom the view into it. As it is now, I have to describe to them over the webcam what portion of the map I'm attempting to refer to. I know about the ping tool, but if they are all the way zoomed out, I may still need to convey the portion of the map.  Roll20 is a fantastic platform, and this is not a big deal, but it can break the flow of the game during rapid changing of reference maps and images. By gaining control of the zoom, I can assure the players continue to be immersed and focused on the story I'm trying to convey instead of having to (potentially) play with zoom levels every time I change between images / maps. Some issues / arguments against: The GM may set a zoom level relative to their monitor resolution that does not achieve the desired zoom on the remote screen. I'm sure this is resolvable though, I'm pretty sure the page could be zoomed relative to the desktop resolution. HoneyBadger (from the previous thread) was quite incensed that the GM would have any control over a players view. Though I understand this point, I think communicating to your GM might be a better solution than fighting against a feature you don't have to use. Thanks for the great platform! It's got me playing with friends again that didn't used to be possible :)