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Two ideas that may make at the very least my life easier

The first seems a little silly yes, but it would certainly make my life a little easier. Say I'm uploaded a map I or a friend made, or I was given permission to use in my game. Rather than dragging it from the uploaded gallery then stretching it out over the squares using the little size changing boxes at the corners. Is there some way we could say...right click on the picture while it is in the upload gallery to include 'use as background' or 'use as map'? My second idea is, now feel free to smack me if I am missing here. I run a Pathfinder game in a custom setting, but our character sheets are Pathfinder based rules, and such we use the Official Pathfinder character sheets provided in the game generation settings. Say I wish to put a character named Rashirra who already has a character sheet and a selected token tied to her journal. Can we make it so we can drag characters from the journal and put them on the map making their selected token appear rather than digging through our token library to find it, go through the steps of setting who it represents with hp in the green bar and no bar on ac or such? If these are already features, and I'm just missing how to use them, I apologize computer skills elude me on more than basic levels. Thanks
Wrong area. This is the beta forum.
You can already do the second thing you want, set default token. When you drag it to the map from the library it will bring out whatever you set it to.