yes this has been discussed a numerous amount of time but it would be a very helpfull feature. you all already know why but i ll explain my concern: i am creating a RP game for a video game community that evolve around that said game. we will use discrod for direct interactions but also Roll20 as an interactive board and a way of keeping track of all the rules and everything happening for the players and on the background map for any players to see at anytime. it will be a kind of Risk / Ogame managed by the GM. the thing is, i or other GM will not be all the time there and some childlish players may want to draw shit on the map and i don't want this to happen and have to ban ppl (i know it will happen at first and we will have to purge some people...). there is also the problem of having to delete some drawings everywhere and by doing so i sometimes delete some tokens or other usefull drawings.. a simple option to disable drawing tools for players will get rid of that problem day one. Not everyone use Roll20 for direct live sessions. i hope you will take this request into consideration after so many people wanting it. its a simple addition that will greatly incrrease Roll20 quality of life for many GM. thanks.