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Phil C.
KS Backer
Hi again. So, I brought this up in a different thread, but 'cause it was a little OT it seemed to be skipped. Also, I did some searching and didn't really see anyone saying anything about it, so I thought I'd bring it up. Multiple actions in a macro (being able to say something or emote at the same time as rolling a die or having multiple rolls) would be superb. I think it would speed up play and it would be cool to be able to throw in certain kinds of descriptions and keywords for certain abilities that would help everyone remember wtf is going on (this is particularly key in a 4E game—so many powers). Sorry if this is a multiple topic, link me if I've missed something in my searches.
Richard Z.
Roll20 Team
Sorry if this is a multiple topic, link me if I've missed something in my searches. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Phil, thanks for the feedback. Sorry if your first post was skipped, no offense was intended. Here is a thread concerning advanced macros. Which on our end, is what you will need to accomplish your goal of multiple actions in one macro or emoting and rolling in one macro. Harder, faster, better, stronger macros are on our radar.