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Newb Alert

Hello i was wondering if a complete newb like me with no experience in table top rpgs would be able to get into it with Roll20?
Roll20 Mod Team
You most certainly can get started here; welcome to the hobby! First of all, I'd recommend checking out the various threads in the Looking for Group section of the forums. There are lots of people looking to start games in the near future. If you see a game that interests you, feel free to chime in and express your interest. Just be willing to do your part to learn whatever game system your group ends up using (the other players will be able to help you with this). If you're looking to prepare yourself for roleplaying in general, I always like to point new players towards a short article written by game designer Greg Stolze. Feel free to download the 'How to Play Roleplaying Games' document over here (very bottom of the page): <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> It's a pretty short introduction to the concept of roleplaying, independent of whether you are playing Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, or any other game system. I am considering running a few one-time game sessions as an introduction to both roleplaying and Roll20 for those who are interested; if I end up doing so, I'll make a post in Looking for Group about it.
Thank You for your insight that was a great read.