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First Game Impressions

KS Backer
We played our First game Mon evening and I wanted to provide some feedback from our first playthrough. Some of this may come down to just not knowing all the functionality while others may be ideas for improvements (that may or may not have already been suggested. First off let me say that it ran very smoothly. I was using another VTT, ITabletop previously and this ran a lot better, we had no major technical difficulties or anything. Most of the comments and suggestions were around the usability of tokens. 1) Players couldn't seem to copy and paste tokens across the maps only the GM (myself) could do so even though they were assigned the tokens and had all the edit privileges. 2) Players didn't have the option to add their tokens to the turn tracker, again something the GM had to do. 3) When copying and pasting tokens that were sized to be 5x5 or a non-grid enabled map over to a grid enabled map they seemed to enlarge to 10x10 instead of staying at 5x5. 4) There needs to be an option for the GM to turn off visibilities of player auras. One of my players wanted to use the aura functionality for ranges of their spells and the like. But as the GM I don't need to see that all the time. Or maybe instead add an option for players to add player only aura's to their tokens? 5) Would be nice to have nameplates that can be visible on tokens, specifically for monster groups so players will know Monster 1, Monster 2, Monster 3 etc. 6) Players didn't seem to have the option to turn on/off "See" for their own bars and auras, again something left for the GM to do. 7) Request was made that it would be nice to assign macros to the tokens themselves so that the player had a macro menu on the token they could click on the different macros rather than having to remember all the macro chat commands they made. This would be really nice for the GM especially since as far as I can tell the macro system doesn't hold a lot of benefits for the GM with so many different dice rolls for different monsters and the like. 8) The measurement tool only does a straight 5ft measurement and doesn't take into account differences for diagonals. For instance in my game the diagonals are calculated 1st diagonal 5ft, second +10ft, third +5ft etc. Would be nice to maybe define diagonal distances for the measure tool 9) If there were a way to draw the grid based off of the grid you already had on a map rather than trying to size the map and align it with the grid that would be a huge help. ITableTop does this and it works out really great, where you have a draw tool where you draw a square (or hex) to the size that you want it on the map and then the rest of the grid is generated off of that. 10) A Push to talk function or a key bind to mute/un-mute you mic would be another helpful addition especially for those of us who have kids making noise in the background of our play sessions! 11) It would be nice if, aside from the GM Notes on a token there could be a stats block pop-up window or something similar that can be viewed when clicking on a token, this could be another free-text window, just something without the added clutter of the bars, and permissions and auras and all that. Would be good if players could utilize this for their tokens as well. 12) Is there a way for my to just show the handout to everyone before assigning it to a players journal? All in all it went well and the players enjoyed it, and those whom I brought over from ITT in fact preferred it. There seemed to be a heavy burden on the GM where the tokens were involved that I don't think it necessarily needs to be there as far as handling the players tokens, but that isn't too big of an issue. I'm really looking forward to some enhancements to the card/deck system as well as I do have plans on utilizing cards in my games, there just isn't enough functionality there yet.
Troy Hall
KS Backer
I REALLY like point 9.