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Thank you!

Michael S.
KS Backer
Thank you for building this. It's awesome. Also, thank you for keeping this as a virtual table and not trying to emulate any kind of rules engine. I fundamentally agree with this principle and its key to why I donated via Kickstarter. Don't lose sight of this.
Marc M.
KS Backer
+1 my thoughts exactly
Alex L.
KS Backer
I'm guessing this is the official thank you thread so, "Thank you!"
KS Backer
i agree
Michael B.
KS Backer
Pretty impressed so far and it's still in beta. My favorite feature definitely has to be the Jukebox. I've been wanting to run Call of Cthulhu online but just doesn't feel right without either some musics from the 20s or something a little darker. Now I don't have an excuse not to :)
Roll20 Mod Team
I'm definitely impressed by what I see. I know that you are getting flooded with bugs and requests, but I just want to take a moment to reiterate that this project is quite amazing, and I look forward to seeing it grow.
KS Backer
I'll toss in my thanks for this. I'm happy to have donated, it's shaping up to be the number 1 tool for all kinds of gaming, including some off the wall games I wouldn't dare run in any other virtual tabletop.
Anthony S.
KS Backer
This looks like the place to say thanks. I'm just having an initial play around now but I'm loving it. I've started to line up some friends to do a trial run through B1 In Search of the Unknown. And any fears I've had regarding issues using tool from down here in Australia are so far unfounded. Great job!
Seneca B.
KS Backer
This is definitely impressive. The one thing that kills most games is schedule changes and people moving. You have now made it possible to keep the dream alive. Thank you
Chris Clouser
KS Backer
Absolutely agree with the above posters. I've posted a bunch of "give me this!" and "this doesn't work!" posts here, but Roll20 is remarkable, and I appreciate you guys bringing this to fruition. You deserve the accolades (and all the funding) you receive. Thanks again.
KS Backer
Yeah, this is so far everything I want in a virtual tabletop and have never been able to find. Thanks so much for making this.
Caleb L.
KS Backer
You guys have made online RPG actually possible beyond Play-By-Post, in my opinion. Fantastic work. I think you will have a very strong community supporting you.