Hello! As long as I'm fiddling with things, there are a couple very minor things I'd like to have someone look at... y'know, eventually. None of these in their current form would stop me running the games I want to run, but some of them would make it easier. First up, I'd like to be able to change measurement units. I'd like to be able to choose a unit other than feet for measurement (meters, for preference), and change the "measured" size of squares/hexes rather than making much, much smaller hexes for a 1/meter/hex setup. As long as you're going for a system agnostic product, you may as well move away from D&D's five foot squares, neh? Edit: I just now read your Roadmap thread. If this falls under "refine measurement tool," then color me satisfied and move along. Edit: After some browsing, it seems that the measurement tool is generally in flux, so I'll wait and see what becomes of it. It seems likely that someone, somewhere, has already requested, in one form or another, everything I wanted changed with the measurement tools. I'd love to be able to reveal a map square by square (or, more likely with me running things, hex by hex) with clicks rather than in big dragging bits. I'm stuck with a trackpad for my AV-enabled machine, and the less dragging I have to do, the better. I'd like to be able to set a sight radius for tokens, so that fog-of-war could be removed by default as people move their characters - though this would add in a whole mess of other things (blocks-line-of-sight tags, for example) that might go on the asked-for list, which might make you want to kill me for even bringing up the idea. I'd like to be able to set default dice rules for a game, so that /roll 18, for example, would roll 18d6>5, or 18d10!>8, or whatever the system of the week called for rather than simply spitting out a result of 18. While we're on the subject of dice rolling, I'd like... err... never mind, you got roll/keep implemented while I wasn't watching. Carry on. I would like to request a -third- type of exploding dice, however, wherein the maximum value rolled would count as 2 successes for target number systems (i.e. 5d10!!!>8 [or 5d10>8!] at 8, 9, 10, 3, 4 would spit out 4 successes rather than 3.) I'm not sure if this is even remotely practical, but I'd like to be able to upload only a certain page of a PDF document as a handout. I'd like to be able to crop images, particularly those gathered from the image search feature. I'd like to be able to embed content from Google Maps. That should do to be going on with. I don't see anything else that's already covered elsewhere, so thank you for your consideration or cleverly worded condescension. - Griffin Mitchell